August 30, 2022

Pre-wedding Beauty timeline planning

are you a bride to be?

You probably have questions like how long before my wedding should I do my makeup trial? Or when do I book my nails?,  and what timeline do I follow? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. It takes a little bit of planning to look picture perfect on your wedding day. Doing the wrong treatments too close to the wedding day can leave you with crazy breakouts, unwanted hair colours, rashes or eve worse. You have enough to worry about already! Follow these guidelines to ensure your wedding beauty timeline goes effortlessly smooth.

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seven to twelve months before the wedding

  • Book your makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding as soon as you have decided on your venue and wedding date. This may sound ridiculous, but being a makeup artist myself, I sometimes get booked out a year or more in advance for weddings. So to avoid disappointment, make sure you secure your favourite makeup artist and hair stylist before they are all booked up.
  • You can also set a date for a trial as soon as your booking with your makeup artist has been made.

six months before the wedding​

  • Now will be a good time to start a healthy diet and exercise plan. It is not at all necessary to lose excessive amounts of weight, but getting in shape will help you feel your best on the big day, plus its good for your stress levels and mental health too!
  • Start caring for your skin. Establish a good skincare routine and go for monthly facials. Wash your face every morning and evening. Double cleanse in the evenings, and NEVER go to bed with your makeup on!
  • Try using a good face moisturiser to moisten and soften your skin. I recommend Jaydeekay Beauty’s GLOW Face Moisturiser, infused with cannabis stem cells, anti ageing superfruit extracts and oat lipid oil. 
  • But don’t just focus on your face. Remember to moisturise your neck, chest, legs, bum, arms and back. Have you tried Jaydeekay Beauty Boobies & Bum Serum yet? Available on 


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five months before the wedding​

  • If you want to experiment with a new hair colour or style, start now or even earlier so that you still have time to make tweaks or switch back before the big day if needs be.
  • Considering laser hair removal? Now is a great time to start! Effective results can be seen after 2 treatments, and you will need to go for at least 6 treatments, 4 weeks apart from each other. Laser is great way to get rid of unwanted hair before your big day. Plus, no worrying about shaving on your honeymoon! Contact Moi Estetika at 0728214204 to schedule an appointment.

three to four months before the wedding

  • Go to a professional for a chemical peel to remove all the dead skin cells on your face or to sort out any acne outbreaks you might have. I recommend Chantelle from Moi Estetika. She has always taken the best care of my face and sorted out any pigmentation or acne within weeks.
  • Start drinking vitamins for healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Go for your first teeth whitening session. Two follow up sessions are usually recommended for the best results. You can go for your second session about 2 months before the wedding and the third can be done 3 weeks before the wedding. You can also use an at-home whitening kit instead of doing follow up sessions. I recommend I Love My Smile dentists in Pretoria.




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one to two months before the wedding

  • Drink water, and lots of it! This cleanses your whole body of any toxins, makes your skin glow plus it will help you lose a few last kilos if needed.
  • Exfoliate your face and body at least once a week. Try Jaydeekay Beauty Pink Himalayan Face & Body Scrub.
  • Go for your hair & makeup trials. This leaves enough time before the wedding to make any changes to the looks if needs be, plus it will still be fresh in the artists’ minds.
  • If you want a sun kissed tan on your wedding day, go for a spraytan trial. This will help you decide if Spraytan is the option for you. Otherwise you can also do sunbed sessions, but this is not recommended as this can be harmful to your skin.
  • Book your nail appointment for the week of the wedding to ensure that you have fresh manicured nails and toes for the big day.
  • Same goes for lash extensions. Book in advance!
  • If you are considering to do micro blading on your brows or do any type of permanent makeup for the first time, do it at least 2 months before the wedding so that everything can heal properly.

two to three weeks before the wedding

  • Go for highlights or root touch ups if needed. You can also trim your hair t get rid of split ends.
  • If you are thinking about wearing extensions on the big day, it will be a good idea to put them in now so that you can get used to the feeling of it and it doesn’t feel strange to you on the big day.
  • Get those brows under control and go to your nearest salon for a brow wax, tint and shape.


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the week of the wedding

  • DON’T start any new skincare products or regimens. This might cause unnecessary outbreaks.
  • Go do your lash extensions about 3-4 days before the wedding.
  • Exfoliate your face and body twice this week.
  • Go for your mani en pedi.
  • Go for your waxing appointment 5 days before the wedding (if you decided not to do laser hair removal).
  • Do your final spray tan 2-3 days before the wedding day.
  • Put a hair mask on, or go to sleep with some leave-in conditioner.

one day before the wedding

  • Drink lots of water and try to avoid any fatty, oily or processed foods. This can cause break outs or make you feel bloated.
  • Go for a relaxing massage with your mom and all your bridesmaids. This will help you to relax and as a bonus help with circulation in your body.
  • Tweeze any unruly hairs around your brows. Try not to get trigger happy and over pluck!
  • Remember to shave your legs, bikini area and underarms if you didn’t go for a wax.
  • Take a nice, long warm bubblebath before you go to bed.
  • Now is the time to relax! Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight.
  • Drink a cup of tea before you get into bed and rest assured that you will be the most beautiful bride on your big day.


remember, confidence and happiness are the most beautiful things you can wear on your wedding day!

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