May 18, 2023

The reason they call it beauty sleep

When life gets busy, sleep is the first thing in my life that usually goes out the door. It can be a challenge to balance work, family, excercise, a social life and everything in between and I find myself thinking who’s got time for sleep anyways? Oh, how I couldn’t be more wrong! These last couple of months I have just realised time and time again how important sleep is. Not only is it crucial for our overall health, mentally and physically, but it is also essential if you want to have youthful and fresh appearance for many more days to come. Hence where the term “beauty sleep” comes from.

sleep has healing powers

Did you know the getting some much needed sleep can really heal your body? It is true! While you sleep, your body actually repairs itself. While you are snoozing away dreaming about a vacation overseas, your blood flow increases which then actually helps your skin to repair itself and rebuild collagen. Pretty cool right!


sleep reverses the ageing clock

While you sleep, your body naturally produces collagen which is a protein that gives your skin elasticity and a more youthful appearance. Also, the more collagen your skin has the less wrinkles will appear. How amazing is that? Just be careful not to sleep on the side of your face because the continuous pressure can cause lines and wrinkles. Try to sleep on your back, or invest in a good quality satin pillowcase.


quality vs quantity

How many hours are we actually supposed to sleep? Most research articles say 7-9 hours is the adequate amount. However, the quality of the sleep you are getting is also super important. In order to get the best rest, be sure to sleep in a cool (about 18 degrees), and dark room. Put away your devices, don’t scroll through Instagram for an hour before you go to bed and try to go to sleep almost the same time every night to establish a routine. I know it is easier said but done, but try it out for a week or 2 and see how you feel and how you start to glow.

looking fresh as a daisy

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep? Not only do you feel groggy and annoyed with the world, but you also look tired and most possibly have bags under your eyes. Then, if you are like me you drink waayyyyy too much coffee during the day thinking it will help to freshen you up, but in reality it actually just dehydrates you which makes your skin look dull. You also feel more stressed, and when you’re tired you’re hungrier than usual and grab all the carby, sugary snacks to help your body get through the day. Priotising your sleep will really improve your stress levels and overall mood, helping you look and feel fresh all day.

your skincare products work better while you sleep

The more you sleep, the more time your products have to be productive and repair your skin. Another reason why you should not skimp on sleep is because it lets all your expensive lotions, potions and products  actually do what they are supposed to do during night time. They stay on longer without interruption and therefore works more effectively.

if you ever needed a reason to sleep late this weekend, this is it! you deserve all the good things in the world, and beauty sleep is one of them.

Miss jaydeekay

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