Jeandelene de Kock

hi gorgeous!

My name is Jeandelene de Kock and I am the girl behind Miss Jaydeekay! So first of all I want to give you a glass of wine, a big hug and officially welcome you to my site. It has been a dream of mine to share my passions and experiences all in one place so that is how the Miss Jaydeekay website and blog was born.

Let me tell you a little about myself

I am a Pretoria girl by heart (born and raised) and I am a little bit obsessed with all things pretty & pink. I am a cat lady and I have four cats named Chanel, Coco, Prada and MiuMiu. I have a Masters Degree in Consumer Science and did some pretty cool research about people’s lifestyles and their habits. I have an absolute passion for the beauty industry and I had the privilege to gain incredibly valuable knowledge and skills while working as a beauty editor for three years at a magazine. I have also been a full-time makeup artist for the past three years and I’m also a beauty specialist and therefore provide other beauty services in the industry. I LOVE working with people and especially women! I want every woman who sits in my makeup chair, books my services or reads one of my blogs to realise how beautiful, precious and amazing she is inside and out! You are so much more than just your outer beauty. Your inner beauty shines just as bright! My aim is to walk on a journey with you and navigate through all of life’s beautiful and not so beautiful moments. I want to learn and grow with you and bring more beauty into this world, one brush stroke at a time.

Thank you so much for popping in on my site. I hope to inspire and bring a little bit of magic to your day by the content I create especially for women like YOU. xoxo.

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